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SKU# CC/TDS/1601

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4 Different Coloring & Doodling Styles

The Colors you Choose are the Colors you Use. Press a Style Button to choose Pen, Pencil, Pastel or Paint. Press a Style Button again to increase the Size of your Stroke. There are 768 combinations of Colors, Stroke Styles & Sizes.


768 Stroke Color,
Style & Size Combinations

Press a Color Button to choose one of 48 Colors from the Color Bank. Each Color Button has 6 shades of that color behind it ­ 48 in total. 768 combinations of Colors, Stroke Styles & Sizes.

Every time you Press any Button on your Coco Color, you can See your Choice on the Coco App Screen.

Press Buttons To Play

Works on iOS and Android

The color you choose is the color you use

Coco Color

Coco Color Voyages

Color your way through 12 huge fun & magical Voyages, blasting off in Outer Space and going all the way down to the center of the Earth. Float through the Solar System, fly the Skies, land in the Cities, visit Farms, Forests, Jungles and Savannahs, before sailing the Seas around the Poles and diving through the Oceans to the center of the Earth.

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Coco Color Doodle

Coco Color Doodle

Grab your Coco Color and start Doodling on your free Doodle App. Press any Color Buttons to choose from our 48 Color palette. Each time you press a Color Button you get more shades of that color. The Color you Choose is the Color you use. Pick Pen, Pencil, Pastel or Paint to decide which Coloring Style you wish to use. Click each Style Button again to change the Stroke Size. Save and Share your Masterpieces on your Device and to your Social Media.

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